A world class traditional game

This game is already familiar with the ears of everyone, especially the people of Indonesia. Why? Certainly in some areas in Indonesia often enliven the big days such as the independence day of the event filled by one of these traditional games is tug of war. Not only that, this game was enough to make a scene of the audience and make the event more festive.

The game tug of war is not a traditional game originating from Indonesia. The game of tug of war is one of the ancient cultures typical of China, India, and Egypt. In those days, the tug-of-war game should only be played by royal members and should not be played by people in vain. This is because at that time, the tug of war is considered  or believed to be a race between the sun and the moon, between light and dark. Especially in China itself, tug of war is used as a means to train war soldiers of the “Chu” State which lasted for 3 centuries.

Then the game began to develop and eventually entered Indonesia through Hindu / Buddhist priests from India. The game is no longer a special game that can only be played by a group of people, but becomes a common and fun game that anyone can play. This game even once entered the sport in the Olympics around the beginning of the 20th century.

Equipment Required

The tug-of-war game requires 2 teams of 5 or more members each. Also required a fairly long rope and barrier between the two teams (can use raffia or chalk rope to create a barrier in the middle of the rope of the two squads).

Rule of the game

The rules of tug of war games are quite simple. Each team will try to pull the ropes held until the opponent passes through the dividing line in the middle of the two teams. It is very easy, but it takes a strong enough force from each team. In addition, the game tug of war also has its own technique.

Game Technique

The tug-of-war game technique lies in the way players are deployed in every team, the technique of holding the rope, the position of the body, the position of the foot on the ground, and how to pull the rope. Players with greater body and energy are usually placed at the end of the rope followed by players who have less power in front of it. How to hold the right rope is how to make the position of our hands as comfortable and as rough as possible when holding the rope.

As rudimentary as possible means how to make our hands not slippery when holding the rope. Could by smearing flour on our hands or other ways. At the time of pulling the rope, try to tilt our body back. This is done to maintain balance so that when we are not able to resist the pull of the opponent, we do not fall forward.

It takes a very strong footstool to withstand a pull so as not to get dragged by the opponent. How to pull the right rope is how to make the balance of the opponent team becomes disturbed. It can be done with the pull-pull technique of the rope. At first we stretch out the rope bit by bit as a bait against the opponent. When the opponent has started off guard, we can immediately pull it as hard as possible so that the opponent is startled and dragged.