Four people were killed and 25 wounded when thousands tried to enter the stadium where local matches were held between Motagua against Honduras Progreso at the National stadium. The final match between Motagua counter Progreso in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras runs riot causing four people to die.

In the second match that took place on Monday (29/05) , was won by Montagua with a score of three goals without reply so aggregate changed to 7-1 for the home team advantage.The high interest in the audience made the tickets sold out, but the Motagua stronghold believes the capacity of the stadium is more than it should be because of the circulation of fake tickets.

For the sake of controlling the audience, the police also intervened but unfortunately the riot even appeared so that there were incidents jostled among supporters. The result was two people trampled inside the stadium and two more died when rushed to a nearby hospital for the first treatment.

The Motagua faction also condemned the incident but denied involvement directly in the sale of fake tickets and promised to take part in an investigation by the authorities.  Motagua wants to express condolences to the friends and relatives of four people who have lost their lives tragically in an incident that took place before the start of the final,” the home team said. The club also wishes to recover quickly for injured parties. The club has denied selling too many tickets. It’s important to remember that the entire ticket sales process is directly supervised by Conapid [Honduras’s sports commission].

Motagua’s staff knew about fake tickets for the game and had told the authorities. Illegal tickets are found at the stadium and given to the authorities for appropriate action [as evidence]. Motagua is working with authorities to investigate this unfortunate event. The club will double the security forces in the future so that similar incidents do not happen again.…


England will play against neighbors Scotland in the 2018 World Cup qualifier at the weekend. Coming to the game is a unique training method performed teams England is now diarsiteki Gareth Southgate. Southgate took Joe Hart and his friends to the military headquarters. Southgate asked the England squad to undergo training with the British royal navy at its training center.

Starting from the process of starting training as usual at England’s training headquarters at St George’s Park A total of 18 members of the England team along with some of the core members of the English football association staff conducted training with Royal Marines UK in Devon since last Friday (2/6/2017) local time. There they practiced armies for 48 hours.

Not just physical exercise-style soldiers, England also camped overnight by way of camping at Woodbury Common. Gareth Southgate as England manager also got involved in this training. The process on Friday morning was as usual where Southgate greeted Joe Hart and his friends who had gathered in the locker room.

However, the face of the English squad then changed when a member of the British navy came. The army officer also informed that the English squad will move to Devon for 48 hours. When he arrived in Devon, which is about 321 km from London (3 hours 42 minutes away), Joe Hart and his friends were asked to replace Their training uniforms with British royal military uniforms. Their personal communications and personal entertainment devices were confiscated during the training in Devon.

“We want to give these kids a different environment, something they do not realize,” Southgate said Tuesday (6/6). “These marines are talking about slipping hopes, and that’s part of the camp theme, how can we adapt In difficult times for us as a team. “

In contrast to the comfortable training facilities, in Devon the British squad is completely forged in extreme situations and conditions. They do not sleep in military rooms or barracks, but camp out in the wild, Raheem Sterling is discussing with Dele Alli to clean up his sleeping bag in the dark. Dele Alli tries to enlighten him with a headlight.…

Badminton Indonesia in the eyes of the world

Indonesia’s badminton has begun to be reckoned in the eyes of the world’s top players. This happens after Indonesia, especially Thomas Cup Team, successfully penetrate the final round despite having to recognize the benefits of Denmark in the final round.

General Chairman of the basketball association throughout Indonesia, Gita Wirjawan said strong countries in the world is no longer look at the eyes of Indonesia badminton forces. “I am very confident, based on comments from other countries during the Thomas and Uber Cup, then they have taken into account the existence of young Indonesian players,” said Gita at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Monday (5/23).

Gita further said, the achievements of the pebulu badminton belonging to Indonesia will be present not too long. The only time that will prove it “The ability of our young pebulu badminton players is recognized by players from big countries in badminton, I think it’s time to prove it all,” said Gita.

As is known, Indonesia did send the majority of the young players to the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup 2016 ago. Noted there are only a few senior names to balance the team. In the men’s singles sector, three of the four players called are under the age of 22. Jonatan Christie is 18 years old. Then Anthony Ginting was only 19 years old. While Ihsan Maulana is 21 years old.

In the men’s doubles sector, Angga Pratama / Ricky Karanda is 24 years old. While Kevin Sanjaya is paired with Markus Fernaldi was 20 years old.

Not only that, Indonesia also dared to install young players in the women’s singles sector. Similar to the men’s singles, three of the four players sent are under the age of 22. Hanna Ramadini 21, Fitriani 17 years, and Gregoria Mariska 16 years old. While in the women’s doubles, both Anggia Shitta / Ni Ketut Mahadewi and Della Destiara / Rosyita Eka, also have not reached the age of 23 years.



Passing trees in a two-wheeled vehicle is an addictive experience and mountain biking is a popular extreme sport for just that reason. If you are interested in experiencing mountain biking, you can prepare your first journey properly, develop the essential skills to pass the streets comfortably, and find paths that suit your level of ability and interest.

Although not using a thousand cc engine, riding a bicycle is also at risk of making the body injured. So check the equipment again to stay safe and comfortable bike do not let us harm because of its own mistakes, here are tips cycling safe and comfortable:

Find a mountain bike with the right size.

Your bike should have a size suitable for height and body type as well as the length of your feet. If the bike does not fit, your driving activities will be uncomfortable and inefficient. A good bike shop can show you a special bike for your needs

Choose the right bike helmet.

A good helmet should be the number one priority if you want to ride off-road. Your helmet should fit your head, but not block your eyes or pull your ears out loud. Never cycling on a mountain without using the right helmet.

Consider additional security gear though not very important for your initial journey.

There are several security tools that you can purchase at varying prices. As you grow in this sport, you will feel that you need more. However, it is up to you, how to drive, as well as your needs. Some mountain bikers will assume incomplete driving without: Gloves, Shin guards, arm gear, Bottled water.

Stay confident even though the beginner

To pedal a bike on a mountain You may feel alien to the track that must be passed. Here you are likely to feel insecure. Though the confidence will greatly affect your performance. So if there is one part of the track that is not convincing, better not forced.
Is not something that begins with doubt will produce something that is not good. So make sure you have to be confident first.

Start slowly.

Familiarize yourself first with your bike by setting the saddles and handlebars to the right specifications so you can ride comfortably. You do not have to drive on difficult paths or start doing freestyle to learn to ride mountain bikes. Look for unpaved flat paths for passing so you can experience cycling on a not so smooth surface. Try cycling on the grass until you feel comfortable and know your bike. Then, try biking up the hill to train your tooth change and your balance.

Prepare for pain.

 At the start of the drive or the next time, there is a chance you will fall one day. Make sure that your bike will not be damaged when dropped. You will challenge the wind, drive through rocks, bump into tree branches, and blisters for fun with your bike. You may get injuries and bruises at the start of the drive, so be prepared for a mild scratch. Bring drinking water and cell phones while driving.



Modern ERA as now sports not only aim to nourish the body. Sports today also has become a lifestyle for urban communities, especially in the capital. Many of those who started to run sports, badminton, rock climbing and so forth.

Rock climbing or foreign term known as Rock Climbing is one of many outdoor sports and is one part of mountain climbing that can not be done by walking but must use certain tools and techniques to get through it. In general, rock climbing is done on a rock-contoured contour area with a slope angle of more than 45 degrees and has a certain degree of difficulty.

Basically rock climbing sport is a sport that prioritizes flexibility, strength or endurance, ingenuity, teamwork as well as the skills and experience of each individual to get around the cliff itself. In adding height by exploiting the rock defects and fractures / gaps in the cliff and the utilization of effective and efficient equipment to reach the top of the climb.

At first rock climbing is a sport that is pure adventure and very few have clear rules, along with the development of sports itself from time to time there has been a standard form and standard in activities in rock climbing followed by rock climbing activists. The number of demands on the development of this sport provides another alternative to the element of the adventure itself. By putting forward the pure sport element. system of working, The climbing system is divided into two:

Himalayan system

The climbing of this Himalayan system is the climbing done by connecting between the starting point (ground) with the last pitch / terminal of climbing, the relation between starting point and pitch is using a transport strap, where the rope is working so that the relationship between the climbing team and the team below can This transport rope continues to work as well as the path of the team turnover climber as well as equipment supply lines or others

Alpine system

Another case with the system above, so between the start point with the last pitch is not connected with the rope transport, so the climbing route is a route that will not be passed by the team below. So climbing with this system should really mature the plan because all the supporting needs in climbing should be taken on the spot.…


One of the best ways to live healthy and fit is to exercise. However, many people are not able to carry it out due to the constraints of daily activities or work. Actually sports should not be done with heavy or should be done outdoors. Sports can be done anywhere and anytime.

For those of you who do not like to go outdoors or do not have much time to get out of the house due to the extraordinary busyness, there are some easy movements at home exercise is simple and cost-effective. Here are some types of light exercise that you can try yourself at home, easy to do, and certainly has great benefits for health:

Jump rope
In addition to cheap, physical exercise this one can provide a lot of benefits. Can maintain heart health, build bone density to increase body strength. Do this exercise for 10 to 15 minutes at a moderate pace.

Push ups

Movement of push-up is fairly simple it turns out to have the benefits of forming and can build upper body muscles and also strengthen your spine and shoulders,  btimers. If you are not fa

miliar, do push ups with standing position only.


The easy movement to exercise at home is another squat. Squat is a position like when you want to sit. How to bend the knees slowly and open legs as wide as your shoulders.After that, stand slowly with caution. Then keep your back still bent. Do it continuously and slowly to get maximum results. This squat exercise is perfect for tightening and strengthening the legs and buttocks. Do it regularly and weekly three times.


Exercise with the hun-pops can shrink the distended abdomen and streamline the fat thighs. Calories burned while playing hulahop is equivalent to doing a sporty walk with a speed of 7 km / hour.

And make no mistake if the housework you do so far can be a form of relaxed exercise that also contributes to the health benefits of the body. Just sweeping or mopping the floor is enough to burn fat and calories in your body.…



Water surfing sports harness the energy that comes from the waves, but unfortunately not everyone can do it because this one sport requires special skills. At least requires a basic knowledge that is complete enough if you want to do it.

Surfing sports include complete exercise because it trains the heart muscle as well as the entire body muscle. Surfing sports require strength and good body resistance. For example when you are surfing in need a very large power to swim and paddle surfboard. In addition to the hand, you also need the strength of the foot to stand on the surfboard, this exercise will force the body to work hard at sea.

Before you surf, you must prepare yourself well. Swimming every day will help increase upper body strength. To train your lower strength you can jog regularly. You also have to train your body flexibility because surfing requires body flexibility to maintain balance. To gain flexibility, you can practice yoga regularly.

History of surfing

Surfing or surfing sports is a sport that grew and began to flourish in America, around the 1960’s exactly in Hawaii. Because the area has broken waves and gradually very suitable for surfing sports (surfing) this. The spread of this surfing sport began and can be felt around the world around 1964 without exception in Asia. Because of the rapid spread and development of this sport, these enthusiasts or sports actors, or better known as surfers, make an international association named after the California-based International Surfing Association (ISA), which until now has more members From 70 countries.

Surfing tips:

  • Be careful choosing the location of surfing, note the privacy of surfers and other water users also note the safety alert signs of coastal supervisors.
  • Spay in a place that you think is safe and comfortable, do not push yourself.
  • Make sure your body is fit and can swim before surfing.
  • Avoid eating 45 minutes to an hour before surfing.
  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen.
  • Do not surf surf alone, invite your friends who have advanced, because this friend can help you when experiencing difficulties.