Badminton Indonesia in the eyes of the world

Indonesia’s badminton has begun to be reckoned in the eyes of the world’s top players. This happens after Indonesia, especially Thomas Cup Team, successfully penetrate the final round despite having to recognize the benefits of Denmark in the final round.

General Chairman of the basketball association throughout Indonesia, Gita Wirjawan said strong countries in the world is no longer look at the eyes of Indonesia badminton forces. “I am very confident, based on comments from other countries during the Thomas and Uber Cup, then they have taken into account the existence of young Indonesian players,” said Gita at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Monday (5/23).

Gita further said, the achievements of the pebulu badminton belonging to Indonesia will be present not too long. The only time that will prove it “The ability of our young pebulu badminton players is recognized by players from big countries in badminton, I think it’s time to prove it all,” said Gita.

As is known, Indonesia did send the majority of the young players to the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup 2016 ago. Noted there are only a few senior names to balance the team. In the men’s singles sector, three of the four players called are under the age of 22. Jonatan Christie is 18 years old. Then Anthony Ginting was only 19 years old. While Ihsan Maulana is 21 years old.

In the men’s doubles sector, Angga Pratama / Ricky Karanda is 24 years old. While Kevin Sanjaya is paired with Markus Fernaldi was 20 years old.

Not only that, Indonesia also dared to install young players in the women’s singles sector. Similar to the men’s singles, three of the four players sent are under the age of 22. Hanna Ramadini 21, Fitriani 17 years, and Gregoria Mariska 16 years old. While in the women’s doubles, both Anggia Shitta / Ni Ketut Mahadewi and Della Destiara / Rosyita Eka, also have not reached the age of 23 years.