Four people were killed and 25 wounded when thousands tried to enter the stadium where local matches were held between Motagua against Honduras Progreso at the National stadium. The final match between Motagua counter Progreso in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras runs riot causing four people to die.

In the second match that took place on Monday (29/05) , was won by Montagua with a score of three goals without reply so aggregate changed to 7-1 for the home team advantage.The high interest in the audience made the tickets sold out, but the Motagua stronghold believes the capacity of the stadium is more than it should be because of the circulation of fake tickets.

For the sake of controlling the audience, the police also intervened but unfortunately the riot even appeared so that there were incidents jostled among supporters. The result was two people trampled inside the stadium and two more died when rushed to a nearby hospital for the first treatment.

The Motagua faction also condemned the incident but denied involvement directly in the sale of fake tickets and promised to take part in an investigation by the authorities. ¬†Motagua wants to express condolences to the friends and relatives of four people who have lost their lives tragically in an incident that took place before the start of the final,” the home team said. The club also wishes to recover quickly for injured parties. The club has denied selling too many tickets. It’s important to remember that the entire ticket sales process is directly supervised by Conapid [Honduras’s sports commission].

Motagua’s staff knew about fake tickets for the game and had told the authorities. Illegal tickets are found at the stadium and given to the authorities for appropriate action [as evidence]. Motagua is working with authorities to investigate this unfortunate event. The club will double the security forces in the future so that similar incidents do not happen again.…