England will play against neighbors Scotland in the 2018 World Cup qualifier at the weekend. Coming to the game is a unique training method performed teams England is now diarsiteki Gareth Southgate. Southgate took Joe Hart and his friends to the military headquarters. Southgate asked the England squad to undergo training with the British royal navy at its training center.

Starting from the process of starting training as usual at England’s training headquarters at St George’s Park A total of 18 members of the England team along with some of the core members of the English football association staff conducted training with Royal Marines UK in Devon since last Friday (2/6/2017) local time. There they practiced armies for 48 hours.

Not just physical exercise-style soldiers, England also camped overnight by way of camping at Woodbury Common. Gareth Southgate as England manager also got involved in this training. The process on Friday morning was as usual where Southgate greeted Joe Hart and his friends who had gathered in the locker room.

However, the face of the English squad then changed when a member of the British navy came. The army officer also informed that the English squad will move to Devon for 48 hours. When he arrived in Devon, which is about 321 km from London (3 hours 42 minutes away), Joe Hart and his friends were asked to replace Their training uniforms with British royal military uniforms. Their personal communications and personal entertainment devices were confiscated during the training in Devon.

“We want to give these kids a different environment, something they do not realize,” Southgate said Tuesday (6/6). “These marines are talking about slipping hopes, and that’s part of the camp theme, how can we adapt In difficult times for us as a team. “

In contrast to the comfortable training facilities, in Devon the British squad is completely forged in extreme situations and conditions. They do not sleep in military rooms or barracks, but camp out in the wild, Raheem Sterling is discussing with Dele Alli to clean up his sleeping bag in the dark. Dele Alli tries to enlighten him with a headlight.…