One of the best ways to live healthy and fit is to exercise. However, many people are not able to carry it out due to the constraints of daily activities or work. Actually sports should not be done with heavy or should be done outdoors. Sports can be done anywhere and anytime.

For those of you who do not like to go outdoors or do not have much time to get out of the house due to the extraordinary busyness, there are some easy movements at home exercise is simple and cost-effective. Here are some types of light exercise that you can try yourself at home, easy to do, and certainly has great benefits for health:

Jump rope
In addition to cheap, physical exercise this one can provide a lot of benefits. Can maintain heart health, build bone density to increase body strength. Do this exercise for 10 to 15 minutes at a moderate pace.

Push ups

Movement of push-up is fairly simple it turns out to have the benefits of forming and can build upper body muscles and also strengthen your spine and shoulders,  btimers. If you are not fa

miliar, do push ups with standing position only.


The easy movement to exercise at home is another squat. Squat is a position like when you want to sit. How to bend the knees slowly and open legs as wide as your shoulders.After that, stand slowly with caution. Then keep your back still bent. Do it continuously and slowly to get maximum results. This squat exercise is perfect for tightening and strengthening the legs and buttocks. Do it regularly and weekly three times.


Exercise with the hun-pops can shrink the distended abdomen and streamline the fat thighs. Calories burned while playing hulahop is equivalent to doing a sporty walk with a speed of 7 km / hour.

And make no mistake if the housework you do so far can be a form of relaxed exercise that also contributes to the health benefits of the body. Just sweeping or mopping the floor is enough to burn fat and calories in your body.…