Running is a kind of simple sport that many people love. Today, running has become a very popular sport because of the many events in the region, national and international .. But in practice, running is a sport with a high enough level. According to Serb Journal of Sports Science data, triathlon is the third position of this type of sport with scratches after taekwondo and athletics.

Running is the motion of moving or moving the body from one point to another by stepping with legs in turn. Based on the distance, the run is divided into several types, namely short run (sprint), long-distance running and long distance. In running motion, when footsteps are moved, there are times when both feet are not in contact with the ground, meaning that when running there will be a certain time where both legs float in the air.

But run as simple as that. A runner must know the proper technique to be optimally and avoid injury. Running with good and correct motion coordination can also minimize energy use. Surely a good technique today should be kept secret. Waist muscles, abdominal muscles, leg and arm strength are some of the main components that must be trained in order to have a good posture so that it can line up optimally. The technique of waking is divided into two stages: the stage of hatching and the floating stage:

Stage Waist

This stage consists of front and push front. This step is to shrink the barriers. Technically that is: when the soles of the sole of the foot, sore legs should be bent at least during amortation, accelerated foot swing, waist, knee joints and ankles from the legs should be stretched straight at the time of departure, legs thighs swung up quickly To the position horizontal.

Stage Floating

This step is to maximize the forward impulse and to prepare for the right place. Technical properties: the knee of the swinging leg moves forward and upward, the knee of the cap leg is buckled in the recovery phase, active but relaxed arm swing, then the foot of the hammer moves towards the rear.…