Hula hoop, the game uses a tool like a big bracelet and rotated while the body swayed following his movement to not fall, already known to many people. In addition to children’s favorite, hula hoop increasingly popular as a body slimming exercise tool. However, already know your origin, why is called a hula hoop, and how the story to be so global.

1.Hula hoop is a shaped toy that rotates around the waist, legs or neck. Hula hoop for children is generally about 28 inches in diameter, and for adults about 80 inches. The traditional ingredients of this hunop maker are usually the bushes of dedalu, rattan, grapevine and rigid grass. Now usually made of plastic pipe.

2 According to research experts hula hoop is a game of children who have come from thousands of years ago. Children from ancient Egypt even from ancient Greece have been playing with hula hoop starting 3000 years ago. Indian tribes in America have also used the hoop as a children’s game that can test the accuracy of archery and spear targets. At a later date, hula hoop are widely used by adults to keep the body in shape.

3.Hula hoop consists of the word hula originating from sailors who visit Hawaii. The use of the word hula because the sailors saw that there are similarities of hula-hula dance that comes from Hawaii by playing hula hoop itself.

4. Initially hula hoop made from rattan or wood. Due to the development of the era, in 1957, made the first hula hoop made of plastic. Hula hoop this type much preferred and immediately successful even in just a few months hula hoop of this plastic can be sold up to 100 million pieces.

5. In 1957, an Australian company started making wooden rings for sale in retail stores. This tool attracts the attention of Wham-0, a toy seed company from California. Richard P. Knerr and Arthur K. Melin, from Wham-O, began producing plastic rings in a variety of bright colors. Knerr and Melin were promoted for months in 1958 at a playground in southern California where they were going to demonstrate and give away the ring for free so that children could learn and play. Their perseverance makes “Hula hoop” the greatest trend in the world-wide nations ever. Twenty-five million items have been sold in four months! “The Hula hoop” was introduced in 1958 and made both men very rich. 

6.Hula hoop has evolved from just a kids game then becomes a sports tool. Hula hoop started officially contested. In this race, the participants are judged by their appearance. This performance is divided into free style and mandatory style.