Modern ERA as now sports not only aim to nourish the body. Sports today also has become a lifestyle for urban communities, especially in the capital. Many of those who started to run sports, badminton, rock climbing and so forth.

Rock climbing or foreign term known as Rock Climbing is one of many outdoor sports and is one part of mountain climbing that can not be done by walking but must use certain tools and techniques to get through it. In general, rock climbing is done on a rock-contoured contour area with a slope angle of more than 45 degrees and has a certain degree of difficulty.

Basically rock climbing sport is a sport that prioritizes flexibility, strength or endurance, ingenuity, teamwork as well as the skills and experience of each individual to get around the cliff itself. In adding height by exploiting the rock defects and fractures / gaps in the cliff and the utilization of effective and efficient equipment to reach the top of the climb.

At first rock climbing is a sport that is pure adventure and very few have clear rules, along with the development of sports itself from time to time there has been a standard form and standard in activities in rock climbing followed by rock climbing activists. The number of demands on the development of this sport provides another alternative to the element of the adventure itself. By putting forward the pure sport element. system of working, The climbing system is divided into two:

Himalayan system

The climbing of this Himalayan system is the climbing done by connecting between the starting point (ground) with the last pitch / terminal of climbing, the relation between starting point and pitch is using a transport strap, where the rope is working so that the relationship between the climbing team and the team below can This transport rope continues to work as well as the path of the team turnover climber as well as equipment supply lines or others

Alpine system

Another case with the system above, so between the start point with the last pitch is not connected with the rope transport, so the climbing route is a route that will not be passed by the team below. So climbing with this system should really mature the plan because all the supporting needs in climbing should be taken on the spot.