Aerobic aerobics is one of the most popular sports to date, especially among women. Although this type of exercise is known to be rather tiring, but its active and agile movement makes aerobic aerobics so fun that people can still enjoy doing it. The following article will discuss about aerobic exercise in depth.

Aerobic aerobics is actually one of a kind of aerobic exercise. But among the people of Indonesia, aerobic exercise is better known as gymnastics, but there are many other types of aerobic sports such as brisk walking, jogging, or cycling. Aerobic exercise is a physical activity that involves large muscles and is often performed with relatively low intensity and for a relatively long time. This type of exercise uses oxygen to burn calories in energy production and increase heart rate thus increasing blood pumping throughout the body.

Aerobic aerobics is a series of motions that are combined with the rhythm of music that has been selected with a certain duration. This activity is usually guided by the instructor and the participants will follow the movement practiced by the instructor. Based on the level of movement intensity, aerobic gymnastics is divided into three types namely low impact, high impact and mix impact.

The Benefits of Aerobic Gymnastics

In general, most people do aerobic exercise with the main goal is to lose weight. In fact, aerobic exercise has many other benefits that certainly provide a positive impact on the health of the body. The following is an explanation of some of the benefits when doing aerobic exercise.

Increases heart and lung resistance

As mentioned above, aerobic exercise is a sport that uses oxygen to burn calories in energy production and increase heart rate thus increasing blood pumping throughout the body. If this type of exercise is done regularly, it can increase heart and lung resistance.

Increases flexibility.

A rapidly changing and rapidly changing aerobic movement makes the muscles and joints move actively. By doing aerobic exercise regularly then the muscles in the joints will develop. As we know that the properties of muscles and joints are increasingly being used then the more powerful and supple the nut.

Improve coordination

Movement of aerobic exercise requires good coordination between muscle and brain so good for elderly who want the motor system to stay awake even though aged. Not only that, with good coordination then accidents like slip in the bathroom or easy to fall when walking can be avoided.

Fixed Body Composition

When doing aerobic exercise, the whole body moves in a long duration. In this condition the body would need energy to be able to do so. When the energy source of the consumed food is used up, then the body will break up fat deposits to be used as energy. If done regularly, then aerobic exercise can reduce the percent body fat levels and allows also to increase muscle mass.

Improve memory

Doing aerobic exercise regularly is not only good for the body is also good for brain health because it is still stimulated to use.

Improves Body Resistance

Regular exercise, including doing aerobic exercise regularly can increase stamina and endurance so that health can always be maintained and you are not susceptible to disease.

Aerobic gymnastics is one kind of fun sport activities and rich benefits. You can do aerobic exercise with your friends and can encourage and remind each other to apply a healthy lifestyle. Actually, whatever the type of exercise, it must have a positive impact