Do you know what is muay thai sport? Muay Thai is a martial arts sport originating in Thailand, where the swathing of the hands is combined in such a way with elbow movement from the elbows and also kicking off the legs. The combination of martial arts that use the movement of feet, hands, and body that always moves crashing opponents would be a choice of martial arts for its devotees. Muay Thai martial arts itself is widely dubbed as Thai Boxing aka boxing art from the country of Thailand.

Do you know what these Muay Thai privileges are so much loved by the public as the choice of martial arts they refer to? What are the benefits of Muay Thai when compared to other sports:

  1. Muay Thai has a combination of more complete movements
    Muay Thai is a self-defense movement consisting of complete attacking and defensive movements. It’s not just hitting, but there’s also an elbowing, kicking, and slamming movement where the techniques are a lot of naming.
  2. Muay Thai can burn calories better and more
    If Muay Thai is done regularly, the number of calories burned by the body’s metabolism is much greater and more when compared with other sports arts. As a result of a body that always moves with a lively make the metabolism to be maximal and the number of calories burned automatically more and more. Movement of Muay Thai is able to give positive effects for the health of the culprit body. If the calories are burned very large amount of the effect will make our bodies become more fresh and healthy.
  3. Muay Thai useful to maintain stamina as a whole
    Muay Thai is also useful in improving and maintaining the stamina of the body of the culprit as a whole. Because the body accustomed to move agile of course our stamina becomes awake even if done regularly stamina body will become increasing. We become tired easily in the activity because our bodies are accustomed to move quickly and agile. Stamina will be better body even immune power is also more trained by practicing Muay Thai movements.
  4. Muay Thai can bring peace and focus in thinking
    Not only is the movement quick and fast but Muay Thai needs focus and sufficient concentration. Because of the habit of observing the opponent through concentration points, making Muay Thai useful in making our minds more calm and more focused because the mind accustomed to trained in such a way. Better peace of mind and focus power make our mental health well maintained.
  5. Muay Thai is easy to do and learn by anyone and from anywhere
    Muay Thai can be learned and done by anyone and from anywhere.Muay Thai martial arts can be learned by children, men and women. So cross-gender so it’s no wonder Muay Thai is very easily accepted by the public in martial arts. Even Muay Thai is in demand by anyone from a variety of backgrounds, wherever they want health benefits and protection of security protection if they get interruption at times in their daily life. Not just across generations and across gender, but Muay Thai can be learned by cross-social strata in society.
  6. Muay Thai is suitable as an ideal body shaping tool
    With agility and craziness in punching, nudging, and kicking Muay Thai martial arts is perfect as an ideal body-shaping tool for the perpetrators. Since the calories burned are enormous, it is not surprising that Muay Thai is chosen as the ideal and natural body-building tool by some people. The ideal body shape can easily be found if we are diligent and regular in practicing Muay Thai in our daily life. Muay Thai is much better when compared to fitness that only burns fewer calories, by doing Muay Thai sport we can make the body become more ideal naturally without difficulty.
  7. Muay Thai can help our skin to look more radiant
    Muay Thai is also very beneficial for skin health so the skin looks more radiant and shining bright. When a person performs a Muay Thai sporting movement, automatic sweat will come out of the body through the skin. This is where the skin will look healthier where the skin will become more luminous than before doing Muay Thai. The dirt and toxic substances that come out along with the sweat that triggers the skin look brighter and more radiant. Muay Thai itself does require agility so the body is driven to move so sweat out and soak the skin.



Running is a kind of simple sport that many people love. Today, running has become a very popular sport because of the many events in the region, national and international .. But in practice, running is a sport with a high enough level. According to Serb Journal of Sports Science data, triathlon is the third position of this type of sport with scratches after taekwondo and athletics.

Running is the motion of moving or moving the body from one point to another by stepping with legs in turn. Based on the distance, the run is divided into several types, namely short run (sprint), long-distance running and long distance. In running motion, when footsteps are moved, there are times when both feet are not in contact with the ground, meaning that when running there will be a certain time where both legs float in the air.

But run as simple as that. A runner must know the proper technique to be optimally and avoid injury. Running with good and correct motion coordination can also minimize energy use. Surely a good technique today should be kept secret. Waist muscles, abdominal muscles, leg and arm strength are some of the main components that must be trained in order to have a good posture so that it can line up optimally. The technique of waking is divided into two stages: the stage of hatching and the floating stage:

Stage Waist

This stage consists of front and push front. This step is to shrink the barriers. Technically that is: when the soles of the sole of the foot, sore legs should be bent at least during amortation, accelerated foot swing, waist, knee joints and ankles from the legs should be stretched straight at the time of departure, legs thighs swung up quickly To the position horizontal.

Stage Floating

This step is to maximize the forward impulse and to prepare for the right place. Technical properties: the knee of the swinging leg moves forward and upward, the knee of the cap leg is buckled in the recovery phase, active but relaxed arm swing, then the foot of the hammer moves towards the rear.…


Aerobic aerobics is one of the most popular sports to date, especially among women. Although this type of exercise is known to be rather tiring, but its active and agile movement makes aerobic aerobics so fun that people can still enjoy doing it. The following article will discuss about aerobic exercise in depth.

Aerobic aerobics is actually one of a kind of aerobic exercise. But among the people of Indonesia, aerobic exercise is better known as gymnastics, but there are many other types of aerobic sports such as brisk walking, jogging, or cycling. Aerobic exercise is a physical activity that involves large muscles and is often performed with relatively low intensity and for a relatively long time. This type of exercise uses oxygen to burn calories in energy production and increase heart rate thus increasing blood pumping throughout the body.

Aerobic aerobics is a series of motions that are combined with the rhythm of music that has been selected with a certain duration. This activity is usually guided by the instructor and the participants will follow the movement practiced by the instructor. Based on the level of movement intensity, aerobic gymnastics is divided into three types namely low impact, high impact and mix impact.

The Benefits of Aerobic Gymnastics

In general, most people do aerobic exercise with the main goal is to lose weight. In fact, aerobic exercise has many other benefits that certainly provide a positive impact on the health of the body. The following is an explanation of some of the benefits when doing aerobic exercise.

Increases heart and lung resistance

As mentioned above, aerobic exercise is a sport that uses oxygen to burn calories in energy production and increase heart rate thus increasing blood pumping throughout the body. If this type of exercise is done regularly, it can increase heart and lung resistance.

Increases flexibility.

A rapidly changing and rapidly changing aerobic movement makes the muscles and joints move actively. By doing aerobic exercise regularly then the muscles in the joints will develop. As we know that the properties of muscles and joints are increasingly being used then the more powerful and supple the nut.

Improve coordination

Movement of aerobic exercise requires good coordination between muscle and brain so good for elderly who want the motor system to stay awake even though aged. Not only that, with good coordination then accidents like slip in the bathroom or easy to fall when walking can be avoided.

Fixed Body Composition

When doing aerobic exercise, the whole body moves in a long duration. In this condition the body would need energy to be able to do so. When the energy source of the consumed food is used up, then the body will break up fat deposits to be used as energy. If done regularly, then aerobic exercise can reduce the percent body fat levels and allows also to increase muscle mass.

Improve memory

Doing aerobic exercise regularly is not only good for the body is also good for brain health because it is still stimulated to use.

Improves Body Resistance

Regular exercise, including doing aerobic exercise regularly can increase stamina and endurance so that health can always be maintained and you are not susceptible to disease.

Aerobic gymnastics is one kind of fun sport activities and rich benefits. You can do aerobic exercise with your friends and can encourage and remind each other to apply a healthy lifestyle. Actually, whatever the type of exercise, it must have a positive impact


A world class traditional game

This game is already familiar with the ears of everyone, especially the people of Indonesia. Why? Certainly in some areas in Indonesia often enliven the big days such as the independence day of the event filled by one of these traditional games is tug of war. Not only that, this game was enough to make a scene of the audience and make the event more festive.

The game tug of war is not a traditional game originating from Indonesia. The game of tug of war is one of the ancient cultures typical of China, India, and Egypt. In those days, the tug-of-war game should only be played by royal members and should not be played by people in vain. This is because at that time, the tug of war is considered  or believed to be a race between the sun and the moon, between light and dark. Especially in China itself, tug of war is used as a means to train war soldiers of the “Chu” State which lasted for 3 centuries.

Then the game began to develop and eventually entered Indonesia through Hindu / Buddhist priests from India. The game is no longer a special game that can only be played by a group of people, but becomes a common and fun game that anyone can play. This game even once entered the sport in the Olympics around the beginning of the 20th century.

Equipment Required

The tug-of-war game requires 2 teams of 5 or more members each. Also required a fairly long rope and barrier between the two teams (can use raffia or chalk rope to create a barrier in the middle of the rope of the two squads).

Rule of the game

The rules of tug of war games are quite simple. Each team will try to pull the ropes held until the opponent passes through the dividing line in the middle of the two teams. It is very easy, but it takes a strong enough force from each team. In addition, the game tug of war also has its own technique.

Game Technique

The tug-of-war game technique lies in the way players are deployed in every team, the technique of holding the rope, the position of the body, the position of the foot on the ground, and how to pull the rope. Players with greater body and energy are usually placed at the end of the rope followed by players who have less power in front of it. How to hold the right rope is how to make the position of our hands as comfortable and as rough as possible when holding the rope.

As rudimentary as possible means how to make our hands not slippery when holding the rope. Could by smearing flour on our hands or other ways. At the time of pulling the rope, try to tilt our body back. This is done to maintain balance so that when we are not able to resist the pull of the opponent, we do not fall forward.

It takes a very strong footstool to withstand a pull so as not to get dragged by the opponent. How to pull the right rope is how to make the balance of the opponent team becomes disturbed. It can be done with the pull-pull technique of the rope. At first we stretch out the rope bit by bit as a bait against the opponent. When the opponent has started off guard, we can immediately pull it as hard as possible so that the opponent is startled and dragged.…


Hula hoop, the game uses a tool like a big bracelet and rotated while the body swayed following his movement to not fall, already known to many people. In addition to children’s favorite, hula hoop increasingly popular as a body slimming exercise tool. However, already know your origin, why is called a hula hoop, and how the story to be so global.

1.Hula hoop is a shaped toy that rotates around the waist, legs or neck. Hula hoop for children is generally about 28 inches in diameter, and for adults about 80 inches. The traditional ingredients of this hunop maker are usually the bushes of dedalu, rattan, grapevine and rigid grass. Now usually made of plastic pipe.

2 According to research experts hula hoop is a game of children who have come from thousands of years ago. Children from ancient Egypt even from ancient Greece have been playing with hula hoop starting 3000 years ago. Indian tribes in America have also used the hoop as a children’s game that can test the accuracy of archery and spear targets. At a later date, hula hoop are widely used by adults to keep the body in shape.

3.Hula hoop consists of the word hula originating from sailors who visit Hawaii. The use of the word hula because the sailors saw that there are similarities of hula-hula dance that comes from Hawaii by playing hula hoop itself.

4. Initially hula hoop made from rattan or wood. Due to the development of the era, in 1957, made the first hula hoop made of plastic. Hula hoop this type much preferred and immediately successful even in just a few months hula hoop of this plastic can be sold up to 100 million pieces.

5. In 1957, an Australian company started making wooden rings for sale in retail stores. This tool attracts the attention of Wham-0, a toy seed company from California. Richard P. Knerr and Arthur K. Melin, from Wham-O, began producing plastic rings in a variety of bright colors. Knerr and Melin were promoted for months in 1958 at a playground in southern California where they were going to demonstrate and give away the ring for free so that children could learn and play. Their perseverance makes “Hula hoop” the greatest trend in the world-wide nations ever. Twenty-five million items have been sold in four months! “The Hula hoop” was introduced in 1958 and made both men very rich. 

6.Hula hoop has evolved from just a kids game then becomes a sports tool. Hula hoop started officially contested. In this race, the participants are judged by their appearance. This performance is divided into free style and mandatory style.

Sports while refreshing

The term rafting comes from the word whitewater rafting or rafting which in free translation in English means wading through the river by boat relying on the ability to paddle. As with the International Rafting Federation (IRF), the notion of rafting or rafting as “a human activity in navigating rivers by relying on its skill and physical strength to row a soft boat that is generally accepted as a social, commercial and sporting activity.”

Although at the beginning of its development in Indonesia the term rafting has some mention, but in this competency standard the term “white water rafting” is used as a term to mention a “river wading activity using rubber boats or other similar rides with the crew of two or more people who rely on the power of paddling “.

The expertise of a trip leader in designing and managing travel becomes very important. A guide is not enough just skilled and skilled in rafting but must also have the ability to communicate in foreign languages, managing camping sites, cooking as well as being an environmental interpreter. Equipment and equipment and equipment used in white water rafting are distinguished according to the needs of the group / team and the length of time to wade the river, which is as follows:

Team gear

1. Rubber Boat = inflatable raft for the benefit of rafting sport, made from synthetic rubber in such a way as to be strong but still elastic. This subject is intended to withstand the scratches and clash of river stones. The shape and the design of the stern and the contrived ball is rather sticking out so that water is not easy to enter and can protect the stability of the boat when through the big waves. Generally the boat consists of parts of the air tube, this subject is intended if the tube between boats leak / break, then for a specific time the boat can still float. The length and width of the boat are generally 2 in proportion, and this is highly dependent on the maximum weight capacity of the boat.

2. Paddle = Paddle as a tool paddle on rafting whites as much as possible-made made from strong but easy; For example mahogany wood and a combination of fiberglass and aluminum. Oars used by boat crews, the length ranges from 4, 5-6 feet. But usually 5 – 5, 5 feet. Actually the determinant factor of the length of the oars is three things, namely: the body and the ability of the crew, the diameter of the boat tube, as well as the benefits, as a rower crew or rower or captain. Regardless of the size of the boat’s crew and the size of the boat, the paddles used by the captain are 5, 5-6 feet, but for shorter boat crews.

3. Pumps and pumping equipment used for the contents of the vessels of the boat air shall always be carried at the time of the river. Because the subject is to protect if the air in the tubes is shrunk / deflated. Designated with repair equipment related to pump and boat repairs (due to tearing, puncturing and so on).

4. Rope rubber rope equipped with karmantle type straps for 40 mtr. Which is used as: footstool, boat crew safety and periodic rope.

5. Map of the river. Generally used the topography of the river. Useful as a guide for estimating terrain conditions as well as a streamable river situation, as well as where more streams flow.

6. Plastic bucket or bucket. Used to draw water into the inner side of the boat. Generally the use of buckets / buckets is done if the water entering remains relatively small. If it has been too much, to dispose of it more effectively reverse the boat, which must have first taken the boat to the edge. The importance of passage into this boat is that the boat is easily controlled.

7. Absolute equipment must be brought. Type and amount of the drug can be in accordance with the terrain situation and the need along the river

Personal equipment

  1. Buoys = good float type as well as true for rafting is a buoy that corresponds to the size of the posture, filled with a thin cork (can act as a barrier impact on hard objects). Feasibility can be seen from the proven qualifications in terms of buoyancy for maximum weight. For the possibility of dealing with emergency situations, consideration should be given to the use of buoys with the addition of the back of the head, so that the head continues to float up, if unconscious. To protect the buoy from rising or sticking up over time, the bottom side of the buoy can be tied to the groin or the other side of


Jump rope game is a game that resembles a rope composed of rubber bands, this is a very popular game around the 70s to 80s, a favorite at school and after the afternoon bath at home. Simple but useful, can be used as a means of playing as well as sports. The rope used is made of braided rubber bands are widely available around us.

How to play can be done by individuals or groups, if only playing alone usually the child will tie the rope on the pole or whatever is possible and then jump. If playing in groups usually involves a minimum of three children, two children will hold the end of the rope; One on the left, one on the right, while the other gets a turn to jump over the rope. Ropes stretched with graded altitudes, from lowest to highest. The clever jumped up, he was the one who came out as the winner. While the loser will change the position to be the holder of the rope. The solitary game can also be skipping, that is, holding both ends of the rope and then swinging it through the head to feet while jumping.

Actually the jump rope game can be played since the kindergarten children (about 4-5 years) because their rough motorcycle is ready, let alone playing jump rope to answer their curiosity will be like jumping. But generally this game is new popular in school age (about 6 years). Type jump rope game is divided into two: Foot jump is a relaxed and a sport / sport. The casual leash rope is usually played by girls while the sports / sports are played by the boys. In other words, the jump rope game can be played by both men and women regardless of gender.

The history of building a jump rope

Until now not clear also where the origin of this game. But many people suspect that the game is very popular in the 70s to 80s is derived from Europe brought to the archipelago and played by the Dutch children during the colonial period. This is especially relevant considering the rope jumping game in Holland is also held by two people while one person jumps between the ropes. While in other European regions, this game is played by one person only as is usually played when jumping rope while exercising.

Although not yet clear the origin of this game, but some say that the game has been played in Egypt since 1600 years before Christ. But there is also an argument that says this game comes from China considering the variations of the jump rope games so diverse in the country down to the Japanese plains. But there are also opinions that say the Aboriginal people in Australia have played this hereditary game, they use bamboo media, or other vines that exist in the forest.

Jump rope or ever popular among children in the 70’s to 80’s. This jump rope game is a favorite when “out playing” at school and after the afternoon bath at home. Jump rope games are played together by 3 to 10 children. When and where this game began to be difficult to know for sure. However, from the name of the game itself it can be presumed that this game appeared in colonial times. The equipment used in rope jumping games is very simple, that is, rubber bands are woven or strung up to reach the required size, usually around 3 to 4 meters.

How to play Jump rope

  • The player performs fiddling to determine the two players who are the holders of the rope.
  • Both players who are the holders of the rope do pick up to determine who will get a turn to play first if there are players who failed to jump.
  • The two players who are the holders of the rubber strap straps and the players have to jump one by one. The height of the rubber ranging from the level of the ankle, then up to the knees, thighs, until the waist. At these elevation stages, the player must jump without touching the rubber strap. If there is a player who touches the rubber strap when it jumps, the play turn is over and he must replace the player holding the rope.
  • The rubber rope position is raised to the chest, then the chin, the ears, the crown, the raised hand up with feet on tiptoe. At these elevation stages, players may touch the rubber strap when jumping, provided the player can pass the rope and not get caught. Players are also allowed to use various movements to facilitate the leap, provided they do not use tools.
  • Players who fail to jump over the rubber strap must stop the game and replace the