Water surfing sports harness the energy that comes from the waves, but unfortunately not everyone can do it because this one sport requires special skills. At least requires a basic knowledge that is complete enough if you want to do it.

Surfing sports include complete exercise because it trains the heart muscle as well as the entire body muscle. Surfing sports require strength and good body resistance. For example when you are surfing in need a very large power to swim and paddle surfboard. In addition to the hand, you also need the strength of the foot to stand on the surfboard, this exercise will force the body to work hard at sea.

Before you surf, you must prepare yourself well. Swimming every day will help increase upper body strength. To train your lower strength you can jog regularly. You also have to train your body flexibility because surfing requires body flexibility to maintain balance. To gain flexibility, you can practice yoga regularly.

History of surfing

Surfing or surfing sports is a sport that grew and began to flourish in America, around the 1960’s exactly in Hawaii. Because the area has broken waves and gradually very suitable for surfing sports (surfing) this. The spread of this surfing sport began and can be felt around the world around 1964 without exception in Asia. Because of the rapid spread and development of this sport, these enthusiasts or sports actors, or better known as surfers, make an international association named after the California-based International Surfing Association (ISA), which until now has more members From 70 countries.

Surfing tips:

  • Be careful choosing the location of surfing, note the privacy of surfers and other water users also note the safety alert signs of coastal supervisors.
  • Spay in a place that you think is safe and comfortable, do not push yourself.
  • Make sure your body is fit and can swim before surfing.
  • Avoid eating 45 minutes to an hour before surfing.
  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen.
  • Do not surf surf alone, invite your friends who have advanced, because this friend can help you when experiencing difficulties.