This traditional game is no stranger to every people in Indonesia. Why? In some areas in Indonesia, this race must be on every August 17 in order to commemorate the independence day of Indonesia. But do you know, where is this game new and how this game is played?

History of climbing slippery pole
Climbing of area has been in Indonesia since the Dutch era and the fact I got from some photos when I did research on the collection at the Museum Tropen, The Netherlands. The photos were taken between the 1917s and the 1930s.

The game of climbing area is a means of entertainment for the population of the Dutch East Indies which at that time means not as sophisticated entertainment or as much as today. Proverbial if there is a play station and nintendo at that time, maybe they prefer the game than climbing area nut.

In the Dutch East Indies era, people who followed the climbing game of area fighting for objects hanging on it such as shirts, pants, etc., which at that time the object is a luxury for the natives.

Indigenous people who fight each other, then fell because the slippery climbing slippery pole trees it is very funny for the population of the Dutch East Indies, especially the elite like the Europeans, seeing the natives who are willing to fight each other for something that is not meaningful in their eyes.

How to play

The procedure in the game of climbing climbing slippery pole actually has not changed since the first. It’s just that, along with the times, the prizes that hang on the top of the climbing slippery pole stem also grow. Nowadays, there are several area climbing races that hang prizes in the form of televisions, fans, and some other electronic goods at the top of the climbing slippery pole stem.

A high climbing slippery pole tree trunk is plugged into the ground with a very deep depth to ensure that the climbing slippery pole tree will not fall / shake when it is climbed by the competitors. The soil around the climbing slippery pole stem that is plugged in must be soft so that when the participant falls it will not cause a fatal accident. Therefore, if the soil is used hard, usually the organizers will provide mud around it. In some places, there are also area hiking races that are held around the river / river. The trunk of betel tree used is plugged into the river / river base.

Previously, the trunk of climbing slippery pole  tree that was plugged was given oil / lubricant so that the participants are not easy to get to the top. Participants consisting of a group of teams (one team usually 5-6 people depending on the height of the betel nut used) will be hand in hand to climb the trunk of the betel tree. Not only cooperation in a team is required, but it also takes the mind to really get to the top.

Social Values ​​and Humanity

Although there are some parties who disagree with this game because it is considered injurious human values, but at least this game can teach a few things for each participant. To win this game requires hard work and high unyielding spirit. Not only that, the cohesiveness among the participants in the team is also needed to win this game.