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My daughter’s face says just how I felt when faced with a achievable labor-inducing sprint: upset, about to cry, however determined to make it! As for swopping tickets, despite the fact that safety is extremely tight concerning common behaviour etc, swopping tickets is overlooked. Anamaria, I’ve just checked on the Arsenal website and there are only about 60 tickets left for the West Brom match, so it is extremely unlikely that they will go on common sale. Yes you have a better likelihood of obtaining tickets at a lower value if you become a red member, but you need to have two memberships if you want two tickets for one particular game. Also, I have had a guy speak to me who often has spare tickets because he can’t attend due to operate commitments. Hi, I am hunting for 2 tickets to watch the Arsenal – Liverpool game in January.

Hi once more Alex, as I create this it is achievable to get Red Memberships for five folks and get 5 tickets with each other for the Man City game in either block 121 or block 127. Ive been going to games on my red membership for a handful of months now, whilst i locate tickets comparatively simple to get I do consider they are over priced. If the game goes to common sale, which is searching a certainty at the moment, then the tickets will be available around two weeks ahead of. Mikaela, tickets for the Tottenham game are not available to red members until 26th January. You’ll have to wait till you obtain Red Membership cards just before you can book tickets.

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Arsenal – Man City tickets are not available on the exchange yet, but when they are, they will be between £65 and £125 based on where the seat is. If you are only going to attend this game then it’s possibly not worth buying Red Memberships, as you need to be able to pick up a couple of tickets on either facebook or twitter. I just turn up on the day and ask about for spare tickets and hope for the best, mainly I’m fortunate but not always.

There will most likely be tickets offered on the 14th, but even if there is not, you will still be in a position to get 1 on the ticket exchange. Remember that you will need a red membership for every single of the two or three tickets that you demand. I would be prepared to purchase a Red membership as I see there are tickets obtainable on the ticket exchange but i presume by the time the card gets delivered it would be as well late.

Face worth tickets for this game variety from £63.65 (Reduce Tier behind the objective) for the least expensive seat, to £125.15 for the most costly (Upper Tier, halfway line). Skinhead69 Thanks for all this, me and my brother (who is coming more than from sweden to check out) were just about to buy two tickets for the chelsea game on the internet for 400 pounds. I don’t want to spend 36 pounds if there are extremely handful of tickets around and chances are really slim. Chimoshi, all the tickets in the Arsenal section for the Stoke game have been sold.

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