Escaping from a Bad Date

I’m glad that after a bad date in Toronto Platinum Party Bus was there to give me a ride. I met a guy online on one of those websites where people make a profile and get matched with whoever fits their profile the best. I thought I had scored big time when the website fixed me up with a good looking guy, but his picture was nothing but a lie. He was 20 years older than he looked in the picture, and was missing some hair. When I met the guy, I instantly wanted to run for the hills.

The man apologized for uploading a fake picture to his profile, and assured me that if I give him a chance, everything would be fine. I was close to walking away, but something inside of me told me to give him a chance. I probably should have ignored that inner voice on this occasion. I talked to the an for 5 minutes, and it was one of the worst experiences I ever had. The man had terrible breath that even mints couldn’t fix. The man also had a foul vocabulary, which was a major turn off for me. Every other word from his mouth was profanity.

I couldn’t take any more and started walking away from the guy. He followed me while trying to convince me to stay. As he kept talking, his vocal tone became angrier, and I was scared that he might do something. I saw a parked party bus and ran for it. I asked the driver if he could take me far away from the man who was following me and he agreed when he saw how distressed I looked. The fact that the bus river was able to help me out of that situation has made me a loyal customer.

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