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Sealcoating Contractor- Best Ideas to Help You Find the Right One If you have an asphalt pavement, it is very important for you to have maintenance to ensure that the surface will last long. This is considered to be a welcome mat that can make or break the appeal of your property. Good thing, you can sealcoat your steps to maintain the appeal of your entire property. However, you have to make sure that you’re going to hire the right sealcoating contractor to do the job for you. It is very essential for you to know the reputation of the sealcoating contractor before picking a choice. You have to check the quality of their work through looking into it. You have to be aware of those contractors who go door to door when offering sealcoat services. These contractors might have left-over materials from previous works. And, they might not show up again after the job. They are not a good choice because some issues may arise after. A good contractor will always have a warranty on his work. When it comes to the quote, determine what are included. Do they include pothole repair and crack repair. You need also to collect information like business cards and reference lists. Be sure that the contract is in written form. If stripping is important, then know if they are going to do the work or hire another for the job. When they hire another contractor, be sure to examine them also. It is also essential to ask about their insurance so you have peace of mind that your safe from any damages and loss.
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You need also to know the equipments the contractors are using in doing their job. Of course, you need a contractor who can properly prepare the surface by using the appropriate tools. Remember, only with the right tools and equipments the contractors can efficiently apply the sealcoating.
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Being the property owner, you will want to know when the job can be completed. You don’t want paying a lot for the labor because the contractors are using brooms to prepare the surface and apply sealers by hand. It is also very important for you to know what materials are used in sealcoating. When the contractor gives their quote, ask on what coats are included in it. It is recommended for you to demand at least two coats. The purpose of the first coat is to fill in any porosity or voids of the asphalt. The wearing layer is the second layer. The second coat increases the lifespan of the surface. The asphalt can wear quickly which can be reduced with the second coat. You need also to know the specifications of the manufacturer on how to mix and apply sealcoat. Determine the area to be sealed so you’ll have the idea on how much material is needed.

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