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What is Targeted Marketing and Why Is it Important for Business? Marketing your product or service has never been so loosen up that practically any business enterprise large and small has been placed in a podium that is fairly level. Today, marketing efforts have shifted from the traditional physical marketing to one that is virtual, but the stakes of customer inquiries that lead to a business remain the same. The difference between the traditional marketing and the present target marketing is that in physical marketing, you have to wait for customers to make a move when they see your ads, but with target marketing you take action to general the interests of your potential customers. The traditional way of advertising your business and not really an effective way of advertising. A target marketing strategy will benefit a business more since you don’t advertise randomly, but to a choice group which are already interested in what you are selling. In target marketing, you target a special group of consumers to which you will focus the attention of your business. It is better to direct your marketing message if you have a more manageable segment like geographical, product type, demographic, and others, rather than addressing your marketing messages to the public. Building your marketing calendar around seasonal offers is possible if you have a targeted market. In other words, once you have segmented your list, you will have the advantage to determine which types of customers to target at various times of the year. Maintaining a marketing campaign the entire year is very costly. The advantage of companies using target marketing is that they save of marketing dollars on seasons when their targeted market are not buying and they don’t waste money on advertising to people outside their target segment.
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Other than that, targeted advertisements will yield higher results for a lower cost because you know more about your customer, and have better ROIs in your advertising dollars.
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Only people who has interest to buy your products can increase conversion and action so that it is only logical to center your marketing strategies and put every dollar to these consumers instead of going the pathway of most conventional business people who markets to anyone. At present you see people putting their lives on social media on a daily basis. These people post just about anything about themselves such as demographic, job, education, address, interests, etc, are all on their profile. This information alone can lead marketers to their target audience while being more creative in their approach. Target marketing also known as selective marketing is the most cost efficient means to filter out those customers within a certain segment that your product or service caters to the most. It means tailoring your messages to a specific audience directly to enable them to engage with your marketing efforts and over brand.

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