Pamper Yourself in Several Places in Singapore

Despite having a smaller area, but Singapore has many interesting sights. The cost of air tickets is quite affordable. And there are so many hotels in Singapore. Not surprisingly, the country with the iconic statue of lion-headed fish Merlion alias is often chosen as a tourist destination. All there was in Singapore. Starting from the natural attractions, rides, shopping venues. Increasingly impatient to vacation instead?

A. Icon Singapore

Traveled to Singapore are guaranteed there will be no end. Singapore every corner there is always an interesting place to explore. As a mandatory thing you must do while on vacation to Singapore Merlion Park is photographed with the main mascot. Merlion Park park opened 24 hours and can be visited by anyone free of charge. No Esplanade near the Merlion which is the busiest arts center Esplanade very unique world. The shape much like durian. There is also the Marina Bay Sands with no less unique architecture which is 3 main buildings associated with ship building at the top. Still in Marina Bay, you can also stop by the Gardens By The Day to see the trees and the greenery. Different from most of the park, the existing plant-made steel that serves to accommodate the rain water and solar energy. There is also the Art Science Museum is constructed much like the lotus flower which also serves to collect rainwater and channel it into a waterfall.

B. Going along the streets of Singapore

Through the streets of Singapore also feels pleasant. The Orchard Road became one of the famous road travel because spending. However, do not be surprised if the number of places the Orchard Road shopping have an expensive price. For those of you who want to pursue a frugal shopping street more popular Singapore, Bugis Street. Sentosa Island in case millions should not be spared from the target. However, this place is an island separated from the main island of Singapore. To achieve it you have to ride the cable car or the Sentosa Express monorail ride that is more efficient. For those of you who vacation on foot or ride the MRT, also be sure to stop by the Henderson Waves Bridge. Wooden bridge is a unique wave design. Actually near Marina Bay Sands also a unique bridge along the 280 m, named Helix Bridge. This bridge was to be the longest in Singapore. Not only streets. Electric boat ride down the river in Singapore River certainly no less fun.

C. Rides Play

Singapore has a playground that can satisfy your curiosity play, namely Universal Studios. Many vehicles that you can try.
Play more exciting rides arguably Singapore Flyer Ferris wheel in the world. The Ferris wheel has a height of 165 m is comparable to building 42 floors.
There is also a Singapore Flight Experience for those who want to try to become a professional pilot.

D. Shopping

Vacationing incomplete without shopping for souvenirs for the family at home. For shopping you can consider China Town as a frugal shopping destination. A time also stopped at the opposite side of China Town is Little India. In Little India, you can pamper yourself shopping for crafts and souvenirs uniquely Indian. Other exciting shopping venues Arab Street comes with a different atmosphere. As the name suggests, this place steeped in culture middle east. Arab Street is crowded travelers who want fashion shopping Islam, completeness worship, or Arab food.

E. History

Singapore has many unique historical sights. Starting from Haw Par Villa which is a historical recreation of Chinese culture. Haw Par Villa you can see the 1000 statues and 150 dioramas themed story of the Chinese people.
There is also Rafless Landing Site as the place to commemorate the service of the founders and the governors of modern Singapore, the Raffles.
Although not a Muslim country, the Sultan Mosque is present as a historic building located in Kampong Glam.
Additionally, you can also stop at the St Andrew’s Cathedral, the first and largest church in Singapore.

F. Nature

Although appearing as a modern state, Singapore remains concerned with the preservation of nature. Singapore Botanical Gardens present as primary lung. There are a variety of plants from around the world here. Concern for nature is also striking to maintain the presence of Singapore Zoo are both endangered animals and Jurong Bird Park which became the world’s largest bird park.

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