Party Bus Rental Pricing Guidelines

My son is getting married pretty soon, or at least it feels like it is rather soon, even though it is still a few months away. I have been working with him and his bride-to-be, for the past couple of months to help to plan the wedding and so it seems like it is coming up way to fast. One thing we are discussing is renting a party bus for Toronto to use on the day of the wedding to transport guests from where the wedding ceremony is to be held, to the place where we are going to have the reception. It would be nice if we could do both of those things at the same place, as it would make the logistics of planning this wedding a lot simpler. Alas, that is not an option though, so we will have to figure out arrangements that work.

Luckily, it is not going to be a very big wedding, and I believe that only about 45 people are going to be there. I really wish that they would invite more people, but it is not my place to say that to them. I know that they want a fairly small wedding, and they compromised quite a bit from how many people they initially wanted to invite. Anyway, I think that we might be able to rent a party bus that can hold all 45 people, but I will have to call around and talk to some local companies that rent party buses to find out for sure.

The reason I want them to have a bigger wedding is because it still pains me to remember my own wedding and how none of my family members were able to be there. At the time, we had planned to have a second reception in the home state of my family, but it never happened.

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