Saving Money Up Front is Easier Than Working Hard to Spend More

My husband and I have made a pact to be as frugal as we can. We watched for years as many friends repeatedly got themselves into debt and struggled to get out. We knew there was a better way. So, when we got married, many people in our family had grandiose ideas of the luxury wedding we would have, but we wanted no part of that. Of course, we did do things like get Toronto limo rental for ourselves and our parents, but that is relatively cheap for the nice luxury that it provides.

Anyone can be frugal by simply not buying a lot of things. But there are a lot of us who take it further with the help of tips. We know how to make things like groceries, toiletries, toilet paper and so much more last longer than the average person does. No, we don’t all have all the answers on our own, we spend time meeting in different online communities to share tips that we have each come up with. Once everyone puts their heads together to share tips they have, it helps the entire group as a whole. It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not. And it has allowed us to save tens of thousands of dollars.

The wedding that we had was very simple, but elegant. I know that friends stated that it was much easier for them to just spend the money and not spend money with trying to save extra money. But they do not get that the high amount of money they each spent for their festivities came with many years of hard work and saving at the jobs that they have. I know that me reading how to save money at my own wedding took only a fraction of time. We were able to have a limo, a fancy catered dinner and I had a beautiful dress at very low prices.

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