The Night of the Pancakes

One Friday on a party bus in Toronto, I was having fun with some other students from my college, when we got this massive craving for pancakes. There was only one place that serves pancakes 24 hours a day, so we asked the bus driver to take us there. When the restaurant workers saw the bus arrive and all of the students exit it, they had dollar signs in their eyes, because they knew a bunch of hungry people were about make some big orders. I already knew that I would eat at least 3 stacks of pancakes before the night was over.

As everyone was being seated, they started placing their orders with the waitresses. I had a craving for some eggs as well, so I asked for a ham and cheese omelet to go with my food. The smell of the food cooking in the kitchen made us all so hungry that we were ready to start gnawing on the tables and chairs. As the food came out and hit the tables, we didn’t hesitate to start pouring syrup on the pancakes and eat them. The pancakes were light and fluffy while being really thick.

We stuffed ourselves silly with the food, and left a big tip for the staff because of all their hard work. The bus driver even joined us for a meal and when we were done, we boarded the bus again and went back to our dorms. It was one of those nights that you don’t really expect to happen often, but when it does, it really last a long time and you enjoy every moment of it. That morning, we were all feeling sluggish because of all the food that we had eaten, but we didn’t care, and would gladly do it again because we had fun.

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